• Project Name : Tropical Oasis (Vacation Rental)
  • Year : 2016
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Creative Director : Lisa Bass
  • Visualization : Lisa Bass

Project Details

Converting to a Short-Term Vacation Rental

Our client had a guest apartment that wasn’t being used, so they wanted to find a way to monetize it. They had the idea of offering it as a short-term rental for tourists on holiday in the Caribbean.

The challenge was to turn their guest apartment, which was very much styled in their own taste and adorned with their personal items, into an attractive holiday accommodation for professionals and their families.

We applied our home styling process, which meant decluttering and depersonalising the space as the first step. We then performed a deep clean of the place and gave the walls a coat of paint in colors that were not only more neutral but also let in more light to make the rooms appear more spacious.

The result was a wonderful holiday home where guests could relax while they reflect on their experiences and plan the next day’s activities. Our client continues to receive numerous enquiries about renting the space, and we’re proud to have contributed to their success.

Want to see how the vacation rental looked before we got to work on it? Check out the slideshow below.