How We Work

Simply Staged Properties takes a tailor-made approach to styling your home.

Staging and styling your home sounds great in theory but how does it actually work in practice? We’ve outlined our process below so you know what to expect when you hire us.

1. Getting to Know You

The first step to staging your home is to know who it’s being staged for. If you want to restyle your home for yourself, then we’ll try to understand your vision so we can bring it to life.

If you’re looking to sell, on the other hand, then we’ll learn as much as we can about the kind of buyer you want to attract.

Are they first-time buyers or more established? Are you selling an urban residence or a countryside home? The price point and location will have a big impact.

2. Nail the First Impressions

Pictures paint a thousand words but nothing beats the first impression your homes make on potential buyers the first time they stand in front of it.

That’s why we’ll take great care to ensure that the exteriors of your home pop. That’ll leave the buyers excited about viewing the rest of the property.

Details matter here, so we’ll want to remove any toys, tools, and personal items from the front yard and make sure the landscaping is neat and tidy.

3. Declutter and Depersonalize

Space is a major selling point, which is why we’ll start by decluttering your rooms to have as much of it as possible. We can then think about the appropriate furniture and decorations.

The word “depersonalize” can sound like it has negative connotations, but it’s actually a really important part of the home staging process.

Potential buyers will want to visualize the house as their potential future home, which is why we’ll remove all personal items such as family portraits.

4. Clean and Repaint

With all the rooms empty, we’re ready to perform a deep clean to make sure that all the floors are shiny, carpets are freshly shampooed, and all blank surfaces, such as windows, sparkle.

When it comes to painting your rooms, neutral colors are usually the safest bet. Accent walls can work wonders but could also risk putting off potential buyers.

We want to make the rooms attractive to as many buyers as possible without imposing our personal taste on them. They can modify the place to their heart’s content once it’s sold.

5. Furnish and Decorate

Finally, we’ll source the right furniture and decorations to complete the restyling of your home. Here’s where we have to make some decisions about the function of each room.

You may have a workshop, office, or home gym, but that’s not necessarily what your potential buyers want for themselves.

That’s why we’ll often opt for an additional bedroom instead, which is more neutral and allows the buyers to determine how they’d use the space.

Ready to Talk?

As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward but very much depends on the kind of home you want to restyle, where it’s located, and who you want it to attract.

Get in touch with us via our Contact page and tell us what you’d like to achieve with a home staging and restyling project — we might come up with some ideas straight away!

Who we are

We are your go-to home stylists for any project and any budget.​

We don’t believe that it should cost a million dollars to look like one, which is why we take great pride in accommodating your budget without compromising on quality. So whether your home is in need of staging, styling, or updating, you can count on our expertise.





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