What is Simply Staged?

We are a boutique home styling company.

Let Your Home Take the Stage...

Home is not only where the heart is, but also where so many of our happiest moments have taken place. It’s the source of some of our fondest memories. 


Things change… and sometimes a change in your life also calls for a change in your surroundings. 


Maybe your kids have moved out and you don’t know what to do with their old rooms. Maybe you’ve decided to sell your home to find a new one somewhere else. Or maybe you just need a breath of fresh air in the place where you spend so much of your time. 


That’s where we come in.


Simply Staged Properties is a boutique home styling company on a mission to help you bring about that change in your surroundings.

The aim? To make your home look like a million dollars without breaking the bank. 


Whether you’re a homeowner looking to spruce up the aesthetics of your residence or a developer looking to attract the ideal buyer for your property, we’ve got what it takes. Our keen eye for design, color, combinations, and placement will create a captivating atmosphere for dinner guests and potential buyers alike — regardless of your budget.

Head over to our Services page to learn more about how we can transform your home into an unforgettable experience or send us a message on our Contact page for a no-obligation chat about your project.

Meet the Designer

Lisa Bass - Owner and Lead Designer

Our company was founded by Lisa Bass, who has nearly two decades of experience as a real estate investor and a Fortune 100 executive. What started as a passion project for Lisa has now turned into a fully fledged business. She believes that home styling should be both accessible and affordable without making any compromises on quality. Lisa takes great care to understand your individual taste and vision so she can bring it to life.